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First in the world to provide Tri-Technology (HF+UHF+EM) to UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA PAHANG

Leading providers for Libraries with RFID solutions and EM Technologies with 180+ Sites including PNM and UM

Sucessfully installed Dialoc EM Gates at English Learning Traning Center(ELTC) November 2013

Installation at IPG Batu lintang for ELIAS SelfCheck, BookReturn, 2 in 1 StaffStation to be held in December, 2013

Installation at KMK Kelantan for ELIAS SelfCheck, BookReturn, 2 in 1 StaffStation will be finished by December, 2013

Annual review meeting on 21st December 2013

Empowering Learning & Innovations in Libraries Since 1990

Electric Library is a company founded to assist Libraries, Knowledge Management Centers (KMC), Document Management Centers (DMC), Resource Centers and Distance Learning Centers(DLC) to create a conducive environment where knowledge would take precedence over anything else in its creation, dissemination, acquisition and management.

The Explosion of Content/Information in Organizations everywhere today has resulted in a dysfunctional content and information management system. The appropriate and relevant content and information have become near impossible/difficult to obtain in a timely and organized manner. This has resulted in limiting the scope of the organization to make the right, best, correct and timely decisions. This deficiency cambering the whole organization to its knees in this current competitive and challenging environment

Today, Electric Library assists these Knowledge & Content Management Centers found in every organization to acquire, capture, validate, collate and disseminate the right information to the right people at the right time.

Through years of R&D, we have undertaken selective and rigorous processes, to identify different products that works together seamlessly to provide the foundation for a Knowledge &Content Management platform for our users.

Electric Library also provides state of the art RFID security and services systems to protect the assets of the Library, Organizations, KMC’s, DMC’s and DLC’s.

Electric Library aims and hopes to play a small role in enabling organisations to become learning organisations with the capability and capacity to contribute to our growing knowledge economy.


This is a range of products that are based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology. We have end to end products for Library, Asset Tracking and File Management markets. We have products that cater for RFID Security and Services for these markets. We also have our own in-house software developed that can be integrated with any industry standards RFID equipment and Library Management Systems via SIP2. These products serve the library needs for services and security. We have products like

* RFID Self Checks, * RFID Book Returns, * RFID Book Drops

* RFID Inventory Wand, * RFID Staff Stations, * RFID Programming Stations

* RFID Security Gates * RFID Local Security Controller, * RFID Book Sorters

* RFID Mobile Stations, * RFID Crad Access Systems, * Pedestrian Barriers, * CCTV’s